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The zombie apocalypse is here and the only one willing to pay for a rescue mission is a TV executive. Handle supply drops, nudge survivors, and manage the filming of this survival battle royale. Remember: only one survivor gets to be airlifted out.

Inspired by Yahtzee Croshaw's BRTV.

Source Code: https://github.com/perryliuofficial/Apocalypse-Royale.


  • Sprites Kyst by Adam Saltsman Public Domain
  • Sprites heli-animated by ruberboy CC-BY 3.0
  • Sprites 2D Explosion Animations by Sinestesia Royalty Free Non-Attribution
  • Code instance_nth_nearest by GMLScript's xot Royalty Free Non-Attribution
  • SFX Alouette Helicopter Jet In Flight by freesfx.co.uk Royalty Free Attribution
  • SFX Four Anti-Aircraft Gun Shots with Explosions by freesfx.co.uk Royalty Free Attribution
  • SFX Unicom One Way Airport Radio Communication by freesfx.co.uk Royalty Free Attribution
  • SFX Small Wood Crash by freesfx.co.uk Royalty Free Attribution
  • SFX Explosion of fire, backdraft, burst. Version 4 by zapsplat.com Royalty Free Attribution

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file into the folder of your choice and run ApocalypseRoyale.exe.


ApocalypseRoyale.zip 20 MB

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